The gamified employee interface for modern work life

KnoMe is a people experience management software that outdates resource-focused HR systems and meets the challenges of the digital business environment.

Improve employee experiences

Boring processes automated or gamified, interest-based career development.

Sustain competitive advantage

Competence-based team building, training and recruitment, HR process development.

Increase flexibility

Boost adaptability to the constant changes in the business environment with embracing creativity and employee competence.

Optimize recruitment, employee retention and competence development

People operators can promise their current employees and new recruits a truly interest-based career development.

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Improve employee experience through gamification and interest-based career development

Employees can steer their career paths towards their passions – not back to their current skills and previous experience.


Improve your organisation’s efficiency by automating time-consuming processes

Management can focus on the most important people operations without worrying about filling and reporting data.


Proven track-record from the real business environment

The product has been in active use since version one and has proven to support the business of fast-growing companies

Since day one Knome is implemented and used in the real business environment. KnoMe functionalities are based on scientific research and leading academic theories as well as findings of our active service design. Our data-driven design approach is continuously testing KnoMe value proposition.